Top 11 Crypto Telegram groups  you must join today
Top 11 Crypto Telegram groups you must join today

The crypto community established a camp on Telegram in 2020. Since that time,
Telegram has become an essential tool for gathering opinions about various cryptocurrency
projects, keeping up with industry news, and obtaining market statistics.
With features like conversation encryption and anonymity, Telegram quickly became a
popular choice among crypto users who wanted to maintain their privacy and be in contact
with their community at the same time. It expanded so quickly that the Telegram app is now
used by millions of cryptocurrency users.
There are many different types of Telegram channels and groups that are focused on
the cryptocurrency sector, ranging from news channels to discussion groups.
These facts led us to compile a list of crypto telegram groups and channels that are each
contributing in a special way to the crypto industry. Check out the top Crypto Telegram
channels below.

1.ICO speaks (

It is the top crypto discussion group on Telegram for new cryptocurrency projects and crypto
investors, with over 70000 members. AMA (ask me anything) sessions are open to group
members. Administrators do not let spam or scams to be posted within the public group.
They monitor and negotiate with users through open discussions

2.Metaverse NFT news(

The Metaverse NFT News TG channel receives a staggering 150–160k views every post,
which demonstrates both how popular the channel is and how popular NFTs are. Consider
joining this Telegram channel if you just have a little time to follow NFT news. It serves as an
aggregation of news for all things NFT. The news you’re reading is the “second round,” which
is what the team posts when they think it’s relevant. Some people may find this to be
restricting, but it also keeps you from becoming overwhelmed, which is a very simple thing to
do. Along with a link to read the news article directly from the source, they provide a brief
description of the article.

3.Defi Million(

Every day, a new DeFi initiative appears and solicits our involvement. It might be difficult to
determine which projects are worth our attention first given the volume of ideas that
frequently fill the crypto sector, especially if everything seems promising. You may now join
the DeFi Million Telegram channel. It’s one of the most well-liked Telegram channels in the
cryptocurrency space, with more than 200k users hooked to it. This would be a worthwhile
channel to have on your Telegram list if you want to start dipping your toes into the DeFi
domain and are content to have this material vetted before it gets your gaze.

4.100 Eyes Crypto Scanner(

The 100 Eyes Crypto Scanner Telegram channel is a wonderful place to start for those
interested in technical analysis who want to learn more before dipping their toes in. You can
receive updates for BTC, ETH, EOS, and XRP on 15m, 1hr, and 4hr periods with the free
version.Depending on whether you choose the 6-month or 12-month membership plan, the
subscription package costs between $10.00 and $12.50 per month. This could prove to be a
wise purchase for more seasoned traders.

5. Whale Alert(

In the crypto industry, wallets containing enormous quantities of tokens, mostly BTC and
ETH, are referred to as “whales.” Whale Alert is the cryptocurrency channel to watch if you
want to know when whales are moving. Whales have the power to affect the market, which
does not occur in the stock market. This also reflects on the size of the cryptocurrency market
as it is still vulnerable to manipulation despite having a large market valuation.
Any time there is activity between a whale wallet and an exchange, it suggests that some sort
of action may be underway or about to be implemented. The information is frequently
interpreted in terms of the inflows and outflows to and from exchanges.Moving large
quantities to exchanges indicates a sell intention, and vice versa

6. Glassnode(

One of the best resources for someone serious in cryptocurrency is Glassnode. They are an
on-chain data and intelligence platform that offers both free and paying users a wide range of
metrics and insights. The Glassnode channel publishes one to two pieces each day that are
jam-packed with knowledge on macro issues and how they relate to the crypto market. Even
if the focus is mainly on trading and technical analysis, this is a great location to obtain a
strong education in cryptocurrency. Therefore, this is the channel to visit if you want to read
high-quality, in-depth analyses of what’s occurring in the market.

7. Rekt News(

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “rekt,” which has gained popularity
recently, it is only the phonetically written equivalent of the English word “wrecked.” As you
may expect, the Rekt News Telegram channel informs you of all the negative events
occurring in the cryptocurrency industry. The news is a helpful reminder of how much
caution must be used when navigating the risky waters of the cryptocurrency industry. It’s
also a wonderful approach to educate oneself on the methods used in these scams and rug
pulls. This will not only make it easier for you to know what to watch out for, but it will also
provide you more information that you can use to evaluate projects

8.Minter network(

This is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency Telegram channels of the renowned and
well-liked Reddit community “WallStreetBets,” which used an innovative strategy by setting
up a Telegram server for those interested in raising the value of cryptocurrencies. Simply put,
their network of over 300k people purchases a certain cryptocurrency at a specified moment,
driving up the price and generating large profits for its members.


The only subjects covered in this Telegram group are economics and virtual currencies,
among other things. In addition, the group is dedicated to instructing members of the
neighbourhood, regardless of their level of subject-matter expertise.
The station is also incredibly informative because it publishes a morning newsletter that
covers business news. Members of the community can freely view articles that offer in-depth
insight. The best part about this is that users may debate cryptocurrency-related issues in a
number of sub-channels that are specifically devoted to different subjects including trading,
mining, DeFi, and general conversation.


The network effect is the main focus of blockchain initiatives. The level of social involvement
seen online makes this most clear. By combining the internet interest in a project, Lunar
Crush rates them based on their own algorithms. Several indicators, such as social volume,
social engagement, and social dominance are combined to produce a Galaxy Score. The
likelihood that the token’s price will increase with increased interaction increases, which in
turn encourages more people to talk about the token.

11.BTC champs(

One of the most well-known crypto signal communities, BTC Champ attempts to improve
the trading experience for Bitcoin investors. Finding a reliable exchange to swap Bitcoin,
Ethereum, and USDT free of charge may seem quite challenging. However, this platform
provides its users with a secure environment to exchange cryptocurrencies as well as precise
market information, especially for newcomers.

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